Period: August 2010 - March 2011 A workflow was developed for digitising and archiving analogue audiovisual objects, i.e.:


  • film (various formats in various celluloid film gauges);
  • video (various formats in various carriers of magnetic video tape and laser disc);
  • audio (various formats on magnetic sound tape, vinyl ...).



Video works Danny Matthys

Digitisation and restoration of the video works by Danny Matthys


Office Baroque

Preparatory research related to the digitisation and restoration of the film Office Baroque (Cherica Convents / Roger Steylaerts)

A PACKED research project in collaboration with argos and M HKA. Period: 2008-2009.


Interview with Johannes Gfeller (AktiveArchive)

PACKED: Could you tell us about your background and how you came to work in the field of media art preservation?


Interview with Yves Bernard (iMAL)

PACKED: The Playlist exhibition currently held at the iMAL was also shown at LABoral 1 in Gijon in Spain. Is it the same exhibition?


Interview with Mark Hellar (Hellar LLC)

PACKED: Could you tell us about your background and how you began to work with media art in general?


Interview with Mathieu Charreyre (WDA)

PACKED: Could you tell us about your career and the birth of this collection?


Digital archiving of audio-visual documents in practice

1. Van analoog naar digitaal


The preservation of digital data is more than simply preserving the data

Cultureel-erfgoedinstellingen bewaren steeds meer digitale informatieobjecten die snel ontoegankelijk worden als er niet proactief wordt gehandeld. De ontoegankelijkheid is mede het gevolg van de obsoletie van informatiedragers, hardware, besturingssystemen, applicatiesoftware… Om dit probleem op te vangen zijn er allerlei conserveringsstrategieën. Alhoewel het behoud van de hard- en software op zich geen langetermijnoplossing biedt, kan ze er wel aan bijdragen.



A television relic: on the digitisation of 'James Lee Byars: The World Question Centre'

In 1969, he conceived a work called The World Question Center, which consisted of an attempt to collect questions from some of the “100 most brilliant minds” of the time. On November 28th 1968, this performance was broadcast live on television. The artist asked a number of intellectuals, artists and scientists to 'offer' him one question important for them. A circle of men and women wearing a special dress designed by the artist surrounded him on set.



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