A short guide to identify nitrate films and vinegar syndrome degradation in audio-visual collections and archives

Different film formats and film material compositions


Since the beginning of the film industry, formats and physical properties of film stock base have changed several times. A distinction between film types can be made according to different information. One of them is the width of the filmstrip. The most common widths used for films are summarised in the following table.



Interview with Grégory Chatonsky

PACKED: Unlike certain artists, who leave the problem of digital art heritage to museums and institutions, I get the impression that you approach the subject fairly deliberately, either through your writings or the lectures that you give. How and why did this reflection start?


Case study report: The digitisation of 8mm films (Jos Ghesquiere)

This case study is available on PACKED's CEST-website.




Case study report: Office Baroque (1977, Cherica Convents en Roger Steylaerts)

Preparatory research related to the digitisation and restoration of the film Office Baroque (Cherica Convents / Roger Steylaerts)

A PACKED research project in collaboration with argos and M HKA. Period: 2008-2009.


Interview with Sarolta Cump and Lauren Sorensen (BAVC)

PACKED: What are you respective backgrounds?



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