Video cassettes digitised within the framework of the DCA project (photograph: WRO Art Center).

FARO, Brussels, February 14, 2013


WRO was founded in 1989 as an international festival of media art, which has surpassed its role of being just a cyclical event, and since 1998 has been operating as the WRO Center for Media Art Foundation. It is the first in Poland, and one of the largest surveys of media art in Central and Eastern Europe, taking up issues of contemporary art in the perspective of culture and communication. Since 2008, the Foundation has run...


Barbican Centre, London, July 27, 2014 & e-mail correspondence.


Dave Rice is an audiovisual archivist and consultant based in New York City. He has worked for broadcasters such as Democracy Now! and Channel 13, and organisations like amongst others the United Nations, WITNESS or the Downtown Community Television. He is currently in charge of audiovisual preservation at the CUNY Television...

ÖsterreichischeMediathek,Vienna, May 6 2014.


The Austrian Mediathek is in charge of the long-term preservation and access to the Austrian audiovisual heritage. People in this institution have been working for several years towards building a digitisation- and preservation-workflow as open source as possible. Today they show that open source formats and software can be used to make a working and efficient long-term...

Vue de l'installation My Hard Drive Experiencing Some Strange Noises (2007) de Grégory Chatonsky. Crédits :

Entretien avec Grégory Chatonsky, Galerie de La Reine, Bruxelles, 22 juin 2012


Grégory Chatonsky est un artiste français né en 1971 à Paris qui travaille principalement avec les technologies de l'informatique et le web. Après des études de philosophie à l'Université de la Sorbonne et un cursus artistique aux Beaux-Arts de Paris, il fonde en 1994 le site et collectif d'artistes sur Internet


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