Resurrection Lab


In March 2017, PACKED vzw and iMAL are launching a two-year collaboration funded by Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation.


The goal of the Resurrection Lab project is to implement methods, tools and services for the preservation of digital-born content, as well as the creation of a media library based on emulation. Preservation and access to digital data over the long term are among the most complex issues faced today by heritage and artistic institutions . The omnipresence of computing in all artistic, cultural and social practices will make these problems even more glaring in the years to come. This is a major societal issue that needs to be addressed proactively, otherwise a whole section of our cultural heritage may be lost. Complex digital objects such as digital art creations, are the results of varied production processes and they form a growing subset that is even more difficult to preserve. Consisting of software and data, their accessibility is closely linked to their production, distribution and execution environments. The latter, both hardware and software, are replaced ever more quickly by manufacturers and undergo an accelerated obsolescence. To continue to access it, emulation is an efficient approach that consists in simulating the hardware platform in a software way. This technique provides a promising basis for the development of a strategy for the preservation of digital creations.

Today, in Belgium and Brussels, expertise in the preservation of digital-born works and the use of emulators is not sufficient to meet these challenges. It is this gap that the Resurrection Lab proposes to fill.


Project progress and results will be available in the coming months on the PACKED vzw and websites.


Resurrection Lab is a PACKED research project in collaboration with iMAL supported and funded by:

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