Case study report: I/Eye (1993/2011, Bill Spinhoven)

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Interview with Tabea Lurk and Jürgen Enge

PACKED: Could you tell us how you both started working on computer based-art preservation?


Interview with Chi Tien Lui (CTL Electronics)

PACKED: What is your background? How did you start CTL Electronics?

Chi Tien Lui: Since I was a young kid, I've been an electronic hobbyist. It started in Taiwan while I was at a junior high school for electronics. With one of my schoolmates I used to build batteries and burn my clothes with the oxide. Today we're still working together.


Interview with Bruno Burtre (VectraCom)

PACKED: What is your professional background, and what did you do before coming to VectraCom?

Bruno Burtre: In 1990, I started my career with Sony as a support technician. For fifteen years I was in charge of customer support for magnetic tapes, and for professional formats in particular. I was also in charge of the packaging engineering, where we worked on the design and personalisation of cassettes whenever a customer made a specific request.


Interview with René Paquet (LAC)

Part One: Archiving and Digitisation.


PACKED: Could you tell us about your career and your training, and how you came to managing the archives of the Library and Archives Canada?

René Paquet: First of all, I obtained a diploma in electronics, and then I graduated in Information Technology at the University of Quebec in Hull. Then I worked for Radio Canada Company and at the National Archives of Canada, which later on became the Library and Archives Canada.



Interview with Joanna Phillips (Guggenheim)

PACKED: What is your background? How did you become a media art conservator?


Interview with Christoph Blase (ZKM)

PACKED: How did you start working in video and media art preservation?


Interview with Marc Vandeputte (Philips)

PACKED: How long have you been working for Philips? And what is your position in the company?


Interview with Mona Jimenez (NYU)

PACKED: Can you explain what your background in video is and how you came to media preservation?


Interview with Pip Laurenson (Tate)

PACKED: How did you arrive at the Tate and more generally how did you get involved in the conservation of time-based media art?



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