Authors: Rony Vissers (PACKED vzw) and Stoffel Debuysere (BAM, Instituut voor Beeldende, Audiovisuele en Mediakunst)

Published in: Debuyssere S., Moreels D., Van de Walle R., Van Nieuwerburgh I. en Walterus J. (2010). Bewaring en ontsluiting van multimediale data in Vlaanderen. Tielt: Lannoo, p. 173-190


apple computers and monitors

Author: Rony Vissers (PACKED vzw)

Published in: META, N° 2011/8, Berchem: VVBAD, p. 8-13


Author: Gaby Wijers (Netherlands Media Art Institute)

Publication date: August 2010


As the Obsolete Equipment project, this essay on changes and challenges facing the conservation of media art – and more specifically, obsolete equipment – is a work in progress. This preliminary version, written in August 2010, is comparable to the first phase of the project, which was dedicated to the preservation of video-based art. The second version...

Video still from The World Question Center.

Author: Emanuel Lorrain (PACKED vzw)

Published in: ARGOSMAGAZINE, N°05 Apr - Jun 2012. Brussel: argos - centrum voor kunst en media, p. 32-34


James Lee Byars (Detroit 1932 - Cairo 1997) was an American artist whose work resists any strict definition or categorisation. While it resembles conceptual, minimal and performance art, one cannot limit it to any one of them. The simple ideas often at the origin of his artworks take on...


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