The FIAF Moving Image Cataloguing Manual

The FIAF Moving Image Cataloguing Manual (2016), published by the FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission (CDC), may now be accessed for free in PDF format here.




The FIAF Moving Image Cataloguing Manual is the result of many years of labor and collaboration with numerous professionals in the moving image field. It is more than a simple revision of The FIAF Cataloguing Rules for Film Archives (1991), as it needed to address the changes in information technology that we’ve seen over the past two decades, and align with existing and emerging metadata standards. Although it is specialized in focus, and draws from modern concepts and standards such as FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), EN 15907, and RDA (Resource Description and Access), it is designed to be compatible with a variety of data structures. It provides charts, decision trees, examples, and other tools to help experts and non-experts alike in performing real-world cataloguing of moving image collections.


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